Viking Polymers is a plastics compounder specializing in thermoplastic compounds. Whether your application requires unique material properties or you want to add value with an existing compound project, Viking Polymers is equipped to respond to your needs professionally and promptly.

We formulate and compound rigid and flexible vinyl as well as ASA and composite materials. These materials are used in a wide range of applications from building products to aerospace. Our diversified customer base comes to us for expert advice and superior compounds. Our customers know we are committed to a customer driven business strategy which focuses on problem solving through technical support, excellent customer service and high quality materials.

Viking Polymers understands the complexity and importance of simply delivering the material you order. Our systems and manufacturing processes are designed to deliver your order correctly within the expected lead time. Whether your needs are 400 lbs, multiple truckloads, custom color matches, or unique performance properties, Viking Polymers listens to your requirements and provides solutions best suited to your applications.

Not only has the company invested in new buildings, inside its modern compounding facility, Viking Polymers offers extensive lab capabilities for compound development, technical support and production quality assurance. Custom color matching services are supported by a bench top spectrophotometer and a light booth. For exterior material development accelerated weather testing is utilized. In the production area, major compound additives are metered accurately through a computer controlled bulk handling system. Minor and fine ingredients are weighed on digital scales for accurate and repeatable weighments. The materials are precisely mixed in high intensity mixers using specific mixing instructions. From the compounding stage the materials are either packaged for dry blend shipments or transported to the extrusion process for pelletizing. Even though compounding by its nature is dusty, Viking Polymers' plant is clean and organized as a result of our staff taking pride in providing high quality materials.

Viking Polymers utilizes up to date extrusion and pelletizing technology. The company uses kneader, single and twin screw technology all designed to provide you with the optimum materials for your specific application. A consistently high quality pellet is produced with underwater pelletizers.

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